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Skylight Repair in Chapel Hill

When it comes to skylight repair in Chapel Hill, The Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals have you covered. Skylights bring natural light into areas that normally would not have windows. When you want to brighten a room that is too small to install a window, skylights work well. The Chapel Hill Professionals are available for skylight repair in Chapel Hill.

Skylight Installations in Chapel Hill

Most skylights fit into a pitched roof. The Chapel Hill Professionals repair and install skylights in any type of roof. The most popular type of skylight is the ventilating window. Installing a ventilating window at the same pitch offers great protection for the home. For this reason, installing ventilation windows is one of the easiest processes. In addition, ventilating windows offer easy access for maintenance. The tilting design allows the homeowner to affectively clean the window.

Skylight Repair in Chapel Hill

Leaks are one of the biggest issues when it comes to skylights. Leaks often occur around the flashing. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that skylights are flashed like chimneys. For example, skylights are flashed with a separate apron, step, cricket, or back flashing. Over time, the flashing around the skylight breaks down and leaks occur. Condensation is another issue with skylights. Condensation often occurs when there is little insulation surrounding the window. If you notice leaking or water spots around your skylight, you may have a leaking problem.

For this reason, be sure to call us The Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals to set up your free skylight repair estimate. One of our trained professionals will come to your home and assess your needs. After completing a thorough review, our team will provide you with a full report so that you can determine if new skylights is something you desire for your home.

Give us a call to set up your FREE Skylight Repair Estimate!