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Roof Installations in Chapel Hill

When it comes to roof installations, the Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals have you covered. The Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals specialize in custom roof installations. We will come to your property to conduct a personalized roof assessment. We begin by climbing on top of your roof and examining any damage. Our crew will measure your roof and then offer our recommendations. In some cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy company will cover the cost for any repairs or installations.

In some cases, we may not have to install a new roof. A simple repair my address the concerns of your roof. What constitutes a roof replacement? Roof replacement or remodeling occurs when the damage is too great to repair a section of the roof. In addition, a roof replacement may be needed when the roofing materials of your home are outdated or the homeowner just decides to renovate the entire home. When it comes to replacing your roof, there are two methods that the our company utilizes.

The Tear-off Method for Roof Installations in Chapel Hill

The roof tear-off method involves the complete removal of all shingle roofs, metal, roofs, and wooden shake roofs. The tear-off method is allows the contractor to examine the inner section of the roof and evaluate the condition of the trusses and rafters. The contractor will have the flexibility to repair any necessary issues. For homeowners who select a long-lasting roofing material such as metal, this process provides the opportunity to install new waterproofing or underlayment to protect against any future leaks. In addition, the tear-off method allows the contractor to correct any ventilation problems that may result from an old roof.

The Lay-Over Method for Roof Installations in Chapel Hill

The roof lay-over method is best used when is roof is remodeled for aesthetic purposes. The lay-over method is more cost efficient than the tear-off method, but it is imperative that the roof be in good shape before the lay-over method is applied. In addition, the lay-over method can only work on a roof that has 1-2 layers. Any additional layers creates too much weight on the roof which can lead too much weight on the support beams. While the lay-over method of replacing a roof is acceptable, it is not always the wisest choice.

The installation of a roof is an investment in the value of a home, and the homeowner should be equipped with the most comprehensive information available before deciding which options to use. At the Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals, we provide each homeowner with the necessary information to make the best possible choice for their home.


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