Commercial Roofing in Chapel Hill

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Chapel Hill!

In addition to residential services, the Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals specialize in commercial roofing. What is considered a “flat roof”? According to, a flat or low slope commercial roofs have a pitch ranging from ΒΌ:12 to 3:12. Even though a roof may be considered “flat” some have a slight pitch or elevation. For those looking for more information on commercial flat roofs, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has robust information regarding the roofing industry.

The Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals work tirelessly with local commercial companies to ensure the best possible protection for their roofs. Much like our residential customers, our commercial customers have a variety of needs when it comes to addressing their roof.

When it comes to a commercial roof that is flat, the Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals will repair the blistered flat roof by cutting out the blistered area, cleaning and drying the area thoroughly, and then reciting the area with roofing cement, tar, or gravel. When it comes to metal roofs, we repair the roof by cleaning and removing the damaged section of the roof and replacing the entire area with a new section. Butyl tape or another sealant is then inserted under the edges of the new section, which is fasted with metal screws. The edges of the screws are then sealed with caulking, and a roof membrane may be added to ensure that the whole roof remains waterproof.

Not only does the Chapel Hill Roofing Professionals repair commercial roofs, we perform installations on all roofs. When the commercial property is one building or an entire shopping center, The Chapel Hill Professionals are able to address all roofing needs. If you want to see more information on the services that we offer, visit our services tab.


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